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SEO Settings In WordPress 2020 ( Advance SEO ) Complete On Page SEO

Advance SEO For WordPress This Is Most Important For Your WordPress To Get Rank On Google

Today I am going to tell you advance SEO for WordPress. By doing this, you can rank your blog or News post in Google first page. So if you want to rank your blog post then follow all my instructions given below.

  • Title
  • Heading
  • Search Description
  • Tags
  • Permalink
  • Custom Robots Tags


The title of the blog also plays an important role. Because if your title itself is not good, then the user will not come to your website by clicking in it. So you have to write the title very well. And it should be attractive in appearance.


The first heading of whatever post you are writing should be good. Use the heading tag while writing the heading like H1,H2,H3 and many more you alsouse subheading tag for better advance seo for blogger

Search Description

Giving search description is very beneficial for SEO. In every post, you have to give search description. In any case with a very good keyword. If posts are related keywords in your description, then you get the benefit to rank your post in Google. So please Use Search Description for better advance seo setting for blogger.


This is the life of your post. If you do not put a tag in the post, then your post will not rank at all. Therefore, whenever you write a post, do not forget to put the tag, it plays an important role to rank in Google.


In this, you also get the option of custom permalink. With the help of you will be able to customize the link of your blog post. Which is very good because the link that remains in the default is written in a different way. So now you can customize it and put a related link to your post for better advance seo for blogger.

Custom Robots Tags

You don’t have to do much of it. Just the default is to uncheck. After that check all and noodp then click done button. For advance seo setting for blogger.

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